Glögg Glögg Glögg *burp*

Hello Friends of the Burrow!

We hope you are all well. Have you had much snow where you are? We've had quite a bit, but not enough to build snowbunnies yet.

It's Christmas market time here in Sweden! Hopefully tomorrow (Sunday 28th) we'll have a Tails from the Burrow stall at a Christmas market in Lund. If you live locally please come along - it's at Folkets hus from 12 noon to 6pm. We'll be selling our calendars, fanzines and badges. We'll have to check that it's OK to have the little baby monkey there with us first though - we'll let you know if we'll be there for definite via Twitter and Facebook tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is a very important day in Sweden: it's the day we start drinking GLÖGG, Swedish mulled wine! Nom! We'll have to keep our bottle out of PC Badger's reach though - look what happened last year!

Have a lovely weekend!
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