A Brief History of the Burrow: Part Five

The BIG Burrow Project and the Burrow Website

Hello friends! Here is the final installment of A Brief History of the Burrow, a review of Tails from the Burrow's first year.

We spent the Summer working hard on our biggest Burrow project so far – the Tails from the Burrow 2011 Calendar. It consists of 12 detailed, full colour images (each with a hidden badger) and a rhyming couplet for every month (a clever parody of Sarah Coleridge's "The Months" ;-)). It follows a year in Bluebell Woods, featuring a bunny snowball fight in Flanuary, Maypole dancing in Hay, the annual Woodland cricket match in Jelly, and setting traps for carrot theives in Oxtober.

The calendar is undoubtably our greatest accomplishment – Tails from the Burrow at its very best! The first edition of the calendar, limited to 75 copies, sold out within 3 days.

The calendar would make a great Christmas present for someone special, and is available to buy from our on-line shop.

In Jelly we launched our brand new Burrow website – www.tailsfromtheburrow.com! It's home to our best poems and cartoons (in English and in Swedish), and also contains the Burrow Shop. Please have a look at it and let us know what you think!

Our production rate has slowed down a bit lately, due to a new addition to the Burrow, Baby Monkey (born on 18th Oxtober), but we have lots of new burrow projects lined up for the next 12 months. Please keep visiting our website, following our blog and do stay in touch with Twitter or Facebook. We can also be emailed at fromtheburrow@gmail.com

Once again we'd like to thank everyone who has supported us this year, everyone who has enjoyed our work, bought our fanzine and calendar or been to our exhibitions! You've made two silly bunnies very, very happy.

A Brief History of the Burrow: Part Four

Bunnies in Tivoli (and The Burrow på Svenska)

In Prune 2010, Lazyhead became Latis, Sleepybones became Drönis – and the first Swedish versions of Tails from the Burrow adventures appeared in print! Translated by the exceedingly talented friend of the Burrow, Linus Ganman, our stories and poems were published in the Prune, Jelly and Pawgust issues of Tivoli med Vänner, a Swedish Children's comic.

In Pawgust we were invited to participate in Från Skiss till Serie (From Sketch to Comic), an exhibition in Gagnef.

 One of the highlights of the Burrow year was being published in Lyrikvännen - a very highly regarded Swedish poetry publication. Sir Nom-a-Lot and the Quest for Orange Gold (Riddar Mums-fili-Baba och jakten pådet eldröda guldet) is in the Oxtober edition.

All our Swedish comics and poems can be found here.

A Brief History of the Burrow: Part Three

Behold The Great Sir Nom-a-lot!

To celebrate one year of Tails from the Burrow we are updating our blog every day this week with an installment of A Brief History of the Burrow – a review of our first year. See yesterday and Monday's posts for parts one and two.

Flanuary 2010 saw us making a spirited attempt to escape the Swedish Winter – The Burrow relocated to Barcelona for four months! We returned to Sweden with Sir Nom-a-Lot and the Quest for Orange Gold, a comic written in rhyme. Influenced by Tennyson's The Lady of Shalott and the tales of the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Nom-a-Lot and the Quest for Orange Gold stars Lazyhead as a damsel in distress and Sleepybones as his heroic alter-ego: The Bold Sir Nom-a-Lot.

In Apple 2009 we produced our very first publication – the Tails from the Burrow fanzine. The fanzine features some of our favourite Burrow poems and cartoons, is in full colour and can be bought at The Burrow Online Shop or at Science Fiction-Bokhandeln in Malmö.

We officially launched the fanzine at SPX (Small Press Expo) in Stockholm, an annual comic festival, where we got to mingle with some great comic artists and self-publishing enthusiasts from around the world.

Tomorrow: Bunnies in Tivoli

A Brief History of the Burrow: Part Two

Christmas in the Burrow

In December 2009 we rather ambitiously set ourselves the challenge of making an on-line Tails from the Burrow advent calendar – a brand new picture and poem for every day of Advent!

It involved a lot of late, late nights, but we think it turned out well in the end! You can see the whole advent calendar here (Do have a look if you've not seen it before - it'll make you laugh!).

Tomorrow - Part Three: Behold The Great Sir Nom-a-lot!

Happy Birthday To Us!

Happy Birthday to us! Today is the First Anniversary of Tails from the Burrow! We'll be celebrating with a glass or two of carrot wine. As a special treat, we'll be updating the blog every day this week with A Brief History of the Burrow, and revisiting some of the highlights of our first year. We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been following Lazyhead and Sleepybones throughout the year. We're looking forward to sharing many more of their adventures with you in the year to come!

A Brief History of the Burrow: 
Part One: A Rabbit Ghost Story

Lazyhead and Sleepybones, the stars of Tails from the Burrow, first appeared in A Rabbit Ghost Story, a cartoon we made for the Malmö Comic Festival "I seriernas värld" in Autumn 2009. 
Lazy and Sleepy enjoyed appearing in print so much that they insisted that we continued to record and illustrate their adventures. So on Nomvember 8th 2009, we launched the Burrow blog and Facebook pages, and released our first poem: 

Tomorrow – Part Two: Christmas in the Burrow
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