SPX 2011

We'll be at SPX 2011 at Kulturhuset in Stockholm tomorrow and on Sunday (7th and 8th May), selling our fanzines, badges, calendars and postcards! Do drop by if you're in town – we'll be on the Snyggtbordet table :-)

Tails from the Burrow Postcards

Look what the postman brought us today! 50 lovely Tails from the Burrow A5 postcards! "En kuslig kaninhistoria" is the Swedish translation of A Rabbit Ghost Story. The postcards will be on sale at SPX (Small Press Expo) in Stockholm, 7th - 8th May :-)

Apple's here!

Apple is the fourth month of the Bluebell Woods year (Flanuary, Bedruary, Munch, Apple...). This image is taken from the Tails from the Burrow 2011 calendar! We have a couple of copies left, so please get in touch if you'd like to buy one!

News from the Burrow

Hello friends!

We know, we know... It's been a long, long time since we last shared a Sleepybones and Lazyhead adventure with you! They are both fine, as are all their friends in Bluebell Woods.

Lisa is currently working on her first book with Swedish children's author Erik Magntorn. It's called "Hitta Barnen" (Find the Children) and is a scary story of 28 children who go missing :-S Yikes! But don't worry - the readers get to search for the children in the pictures, and can save the day by finding all of them!

The book will be out in the Autumn, and Sleepy and Lazy have demanded that Lisa starts drawing them again as soon as she's finished Hitta Barnen!

We hope you are all well and are having a happy Munch.

With very best wishes from all at Tails from the Burrow
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