A Brief History of the Burrow: Part Three

Behold The Great Sir Nom-a-lot!

To celebrate one year of Tails from the Burrow we are updating our blog every day this week with an installment of A Brief History of the Burrow – a review of our first year. See yesterday and Monday's posts for parts one and two.

Flanuary 2010 saw us making a spirited attempt to escape the Swedish Winter – The Burrow relocated to Barcelona for four months! We returned to Sweden with Sir Nom-a-Lot and the Quest for Orange Gold, a comic written in rhyme. Influenced by Tennyson's The Lady of Shalott and the tales of the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Nom-a-Lot and the Quest for Orange Gold stars Lazyhead as a damsel in distress and Sleepybones as his heroic alter-ego: The Bold Sir Nom-a-Lot.

In Apple 2009 we produced our very first publication – the Tails from the Burrow fanzine. The fanzine features some of our favourite Burrow poems and cartoons, is in full colour and can be bought at The Burrow Online Shop or at Science Fiction-Bokhandeln in Malmö.

We officially launched the fanzine at SPX (Small Press Expo) in Stockholm, an annual comic festival, where we got to mingle with some great comic artists and self-publishing enthusiasts from around the world.

Tomorrow: Bunnies in Tivoli

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